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The Best Pool Heaters For Your Pool in Naples

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For homeowners looking to have swimming pools installed, one can choose a solar heater, electric heat pump, electric pump, or a gas heater. However, there is no one answer for the question of which is the best pool heater for you.

This is because the best Naples pool heaters are determined by various factors. For instance, the climate of your home, your budget, your needs and desires, and the location of the swimming pool relative to your house play a role in determining the best pool heater to install. If you want the opinion of a professional call a pool service company in Naples, like Sweetwater Pool Service.  They will give you an honest opinion and fair quote.

Herein we will take a look at the various swimming pool heater offerings and where they suffice as the best pool heater for homeowners.

#1. Solar Pool HeatingSolar pool heaters are increasing becoming popular amongst homeowners because they use free energy in the form of solar heat. To heat water, it passes through a heat collector where the transfer of heat takes place. A digital controller controls the flow of water to the collector.

This pool heater is perfect for homeowners who are leisure user of their pools and only swim when the weather is favorable – during the summer. Additionally, due to reliance on solar radiation, the collector needs to be placed on a raised platform and in contact with the solar rays. Therefore, the house needs to have an open environment with little to shade. This pool heating system is also perfect for homeowners who require an inexpensive system.

#2. Electric Element – In essence, the electric element works much the same as a kettle. The element heats up and directly transfers the heat to the pool water. This option is perfect for homeowners who require a low initial cost option. It is also perfect for homeowners whose space is a premium, as the electric element consumes the least space amongst all the heating solutions. The simplicity of the system also makes it very easy and fast to install the heating system. However, homeowners need to be wary of the running cost.

#3. Electric Heat Pump – The electric heat pump works like a reverse air conditioner. Instead of drawing air from the interior of the house and drawing the heat and dispensing outside, this system draws a large amount of air from the atmosphere and transfer the heat to the swimming pool water. This system uses the lowest energy to heat swimming pools. It has an energy output ratio of 5:1 relative to energy input. This system is perfect for homeowners looking for a low cost running cost.

#4. Gas Heating System – A gas heating system is desired amongst homeowners looking to swim a lot. This system offers robust heating capability and is capable of raising the temperature of swimming pool water more than 14 degrees overnight. This rapid heating capability ensures that homeowners can use their swimming pools even during the cold winter months. Additionally, the system is amply capable of maintaining a constant temperature.

However, there are huge running costs involved in running such a system due to the constant heating. Therefore, this system is perfect for Naples homes with a high traffic flow to the swimming pool. Next, pick up the phone and call Sweetwater pool service Naples pool owners. You’ll be glad you did.

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